Graduate School Faculty & Staff

Dr. Cheryl Addy

Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Murray Mitchell

Senior Associate Dean

Dr. Heather Brandt

Associate Dean

Dale Moore

Assistant Dean and Ombudsman

Wanda Barr

Executive Administrative Coordinator

Libby Cross

Director of Operations

Wright Culpepper

Director of Recruitment and Diversity Officer

Barbara Dingle

Program Coordinator

Tony Geary

Program Coordinator

Aaron Honore

Program Coordinator

Ed Lilly

Program Coordinator
Programs Managed
Accountancy - MAcc
Business Administration - AMBA
Business Administration - MBA
Business Administration - MS
Business Administration - PhD
Business Administration - PMBA
Business Analytics - PBAC
Cost Management - PBAC
Dual Degree - Accountancy/Law - MACC/JD
Dual Degree - Economics/Law - MA/JD
Dual Degree - English/Library and Information Science - MA/MLIS
Dual Degree - Human Resources/Law - MHR/JD
Dual Degree - International Business - MIB (Aalto - Finland)
Dual Degree - International Business/Law - IMBA/JD
Dual Degree - Journalism and Mass Communications/Law - MMC/JD
Dual Degree - Public History/Library and Information Science - MA/MLIS
Economics - MA
Economics - PhD
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems - PBAC
Human Resources - MHR
Human Resources - PBAC
International Business - EIMBA
International Business - IMBA
International Business - MIB
Journalism and Mass Communications - MA
Journalism and Mass Communications - MMC
Journalism and Mass Communications - PhD
Library and Information Science - CGS
Library and Information Science - MLIS
Library and Information Science - PhD
Library and Information Science - SLIS
Non Degree - ND

Zach Lukemire

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Coordinator

Jeannie Mackey

Program Coordinator

Holly Moore

Operations Assistant

Cassandra Nelson

Coordinator, International and Partnership Enrollment

Garrick Queen

Associate Director of Enrollment Management

Dr. Emily Rendek

Public Information Specialist

Robert Sutherland

Business Manager

Kim Weston

Program Coordinator

Sarah Zilinsky

Program Coordinator