Meet our Graduate Student Day logo design winner

Congratulations to Jessica Hogan, winner of The Graduate School’s first ever t-shirt and logo design competition. We were very impressed with the quality and elegance of the submissions we received.

Many thanks to all who participated in the competition. It was not an easy choice.

About the design:

Grad School faculty and staff were impressed by the logo's bold, vibrant design. Equally important was the nod to one of the things that makes Graduate Student Day so special: we bring together and celebrate the scholarship and creativity of graduate students from across the disciplines.

Students who are eligible to participate in Graduate Student Day study in more than 240 graduate programs, including 68 doctoral programs, 133 master’s programs, 22 certificate programs, and 21 dual-degree programs. Ask us if we’re proud of the depth and range of talent of the students we serve!

About the designer:

Jessica Hogan is a master's student in the Marine Science Department; her advisor is Dr. Blaine Griffen.

In her own words:

I am researching the Florida stone crab (Menippe mercenaria) and how the present fishery regulations impact the population. Currently, fishery regulations limit the method by which Florida stone crabs are caught: only allowing fishermen to remove a single claw from the crab and requiring that fishermen return the crab to the ocean following harvesting. Though this method of capture results in a lower mortality rate compared to most fisheries, it is likely that the claw removal process has a negative influence on the harvested stone crabs. My research focuses specifically on how fishery-related claw loss influences FL stone crab diet choice, consumption over time, physiological  and reproductive condition (determined by the hepatosomatic index and gonadosomatic index respectively), and population viability as determined by mathematical models.

Congratulations again to Jessica. Stay tuned for the Graduate Student Day Schedule of EventsWe look forward to seeing you all (and handing out participant t-shirts!) at Graduate Student Day, Friday, April 12, 2013.