Improved graduate student health insurance benefits

New benefits have been added to USC administered health insurance, and the yearly cost for graduate student health insurance has gone down from $1,679 in 2012-2013 to $1,452 in 2013-2014.  

Added benefits include:

  •  $500,000 maximum for medical, preventive/wellness ($100,000 last yr.)
  • Removed the limit on number of fillings/yr. (dental- 2 last yr.)
  • Out of network benefits increased to 70% (60%, last yr.)
  • Club and intramural sports are paid under the plan (excluded last yr.)
  • Organ transplants covered (excluded last yr.)
  • Hormone Replacement therapy (excluded last yr.)
  • Pre-existing exclusion removed
  • Intercollegiate Sports can be covered up to 3,000 for 1.5% higher premium ($1,474)

Other enhancements to the USC administered graduate student health insurance include:

  • On-line waivers are in real time (was taking up to 5 days…mostly within 3 but this is a huge advantage for us)
  • On-line videos on how to enroll, waive and a personalized video from our school
  • Students will be sent satisfaction surveys through Pearce and Pearce with every student connection (either by phone or email)
  • Smart Phone (all of the students info can be managed through their smart phone- download ID card to mobile, view coverage information, waive or enroll, access provider in and out of network, view claims and search for providers that have the best charges for particular services)
  • Another feature is a “Good4Me Wellness” program that can assist students in managing their health and selecting healthy choices  
  • Pharmacy app to manage prescription drugs and get info about the drug (side effects, drug interactions etc). This is also an app that students can show the doctor what prescription drugs they are on
  • Pharmacy search within their immediate area (direction and store location with directions)
  • Shop for competitive prices
  • Red Alert-travel assist. Students can sign up to get alerts based on where they are traveling (out of the country or in the country). This app gives comprehensive data about where they are traveling and any health concerns
  • A 24/7 nurse line and Health Information Library available


Health Insurance Requirement
All full-time graduate students (enrolled in 9 hours or more), all graduate assistants, and all international students are required to have health insurance coverage. However, students do not have to use a particular provider. For more information regarding this requirement please refer to the Student Health Services website


Health Insurance Waivers 
Students who have secured health insurance from an outside provider may submit their insurance waiver electronically to AIG Educational Markets or to Student Health Services. The deadline to submit an insurance waiver is September 14, 2013.