Graduate Council Proposal Submission

The complete description of academic program and curricular policies and procedures is located on the website of the Office of the Provost Academic Program Development. The Academic Programs Proposal System (APPS) is explained at this web site and electronic submissions through this portal will be the only way to submit and track progress of proposals to the Graduate Council.

A complete proposal should be submitted by the first day of the month for which the academic unit seeks review. If the first of the month falls on a weekend, submissions must be entered into the system by the first Monday of the month. Curriculum committees meet to review proposals on the 2nd week of each month. Once the curriculum committee considers the proposal, it will either be recommended for approval by the Graduate Council or returned to the academic unit for revisions. If revisions are requested and made within three days of the curriculum committee meeting, the proposal will be placed on the Graduate Council agenda that is sent out on the Friday before the Graduate Council meeting in that month. Final recommendations of the curricular committees are communicated by the chairs of the curriculum committees to the Graduate Council.

Graduate Council meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month at 2:00 pm in Byrnes 311 at 901 Sumter Street. Exceptions: Meetings are not typically held in June or July, and the May meeting is traditionally convened at 11:30 am. The meeting in December is typically held on the second Monday of the month.

Proposals not received by the first day of the month (or the Monday following the first day of the month if the 1st falls on a weekend) will be considered the following month. The final Graduate Council and committee meetings of the academic year are held in May. Materials received after the first of May will be held until the start of fall semester. Materials received after the first of December will be held until the start of spring semester.

Tracking and timeline questions should be addressed to Wanda Barr, 777-1875,