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Proof of Health Insurance Deadline is 9/15/17

The USC-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan is offered for a reduced premium and richer benefits compared to prior years. The annual premium is $2020, which equals $168.34 per month. This high quality plan offers a strong provider network in South Carolina and reduced costs in Student Health Services areas like medical services, the pharmacy and our new vision center (opening January 2018). Additional information about plan highlights and benefits is available at or

What do I need to do?

If you have a health insurance plan that you intend to keep, go to where you can enter the plan information for verification.  If the health insurance fee is on your account, and you successfully waive by showing proof of insurance at, the charge will be removed after the waiver is approved. 

If you wish to remain enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you can visit where you will be able to print an ID card and review your benefits.

What is the deadline?

If you do not waive out by the deadline or do not have adequate health insurance coverage, you will remain enrolled in the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan, and the premium fee will remain on your tuition bill. Final deadline to waive coverage is September 15, 2017.

Have questions?

Questions about the Student Health Insurance Plan benefits, the waiver process or waiver status can be answered by calling Consolidated Health Plans, the Student Health Insurance Plan provider, at 1-877-657-5030 or emailing them at If you have questions about the mandatory student health insurance requirement or your individual situation, contact the Health Insurance Assistance Office at 803-777-3175, Option 3, or Answers to common questions are available by visiting or