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Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree - Accountancy/Law - MACC/JD
Dual Degree - Biomedical Sciences/Medicine - PhD/MD
Note: Dual degrees involving Law and Medicine require seperate applications and admissions decisions
Program Details
School/College: Dual Degree
Major: Dual Degree - Biomedical Sciences/Medicine
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy/Doctor of Medicine
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Description: Dual Degree
Through special arrangement, the University offers dual degree programs in certain areas to permit a student to work on two degrees concurrently by combining credits, resulting in the student's taking fewer courses than the total required if each degree were pursued independently.
Dual Degree - Criminology and Criminal Justice/Law - MA/JD
Dual Degree - Earth and Environmental Resources Management/Law - MEERM/JD
Dual Degree - Economics/Law - MA/JD
Dual Degree - English/Library and Information Science - MA/MLIS
Dual Degree - Epidemiology/Environmental Health Sciences - PhD/PhD
Dual Degree - Health Information Technology/Pharmacy - MHIT/PharmD
Dual Degree - Human Resources/Law - MHR/JD
Dual Degree - International Business/Law - IMBA/JD
Dual Degree - Journalism and Mass Communications/Law - MMC/JD
Dual Degree - Public Administration/Law - MPA/JD
Dual Degree - Public Administration/Social Work - MPA/MSW
Dual Degree - Public Health (General)/Medicine - MPH/MD
Dual Degree - Public Health (General)/Pharmacy - MPH/PharmD
Dual Degree - Public Health (Health Promotion, Education and Behavior)/Social Work - MPH/MSW
Dual Degree - Public Health (Health Services Policy and Management)/Law - MHA/JD
Dual Degree - Public Health (Health Services Policy and Management)/Public Administration - MPH/MPA
Dual Degree - Public Health (Health Services Policy and Management)/Social Work - MPH/MSW
Dual Degree - Public History/Library and Information Science - MA/MLIS
Dual Degree - Social Work/Law - MSW/JD
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