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Graduates land tenure-track positions

May 5, 2013  

Provost Michael D. Amiridis and Argiri Aggelopoulou-Amiridis hosted a new event to honor and give attention to the more than 70 doctoral students from the class of 2012-2013 who have already landed tenure-track faculty positions this year. Although many departments celebrate their own students who secure these highly competitive faculty positions, the celebration stands out as the first institution-wide event to recognize the scores of doctoral students who have succeeded in this endeavor.

It may also mark one of the first of such events in the country.

“We always emphasized the tenure-track position as something we would like our graduates to achieve,” said Lacy Ford, vice provost, dean of graduate studies and emcee of the event. “But we have never formally recognized it. The impressive number and quality of USC placements this year prompted the idea to invite students and their advisors to a dinner to highlight their accomplishments,” he said.  

Not all students earning terminal degrees aspire to become professors. “USC has a proud tradition of educating not only future academics, but also government officials, industry leaders, teachers at all levels, and experts in various professions,” said Jessica Elfenbein, senior associate dean of The Graduate School. “However, at a time when the loudest message seems to be that graduates can no longer expect to secure a tenure-track position, the number of USC graduates who have turned right around and done so is quite remarkable,” said Elfenbein.

At the May 1st celebration, the Office of the Provost recognized graduates who are accepting tenure-track faculty positions and announced the list of institutions where, as faculty members, they will serve the next generation of college students.