Teaching Resources

Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) provides professional development programs specifically for teaching assistants and other graduate students interested in teaching. CTE’s customizable programs and resources include:

  • GRAD 701 Teaching Assistant Development course
  • TA-specific student workshops
  • Syllabus Templates
  • Teaching Guides
  • Consultations for Distributed Learning courses
  • Preparing Future Faculty program


The Center for Teaching Excellence is open for consultations to discuss specific teaching concerns and effectiveness as they relate to a particular class. To make an appointment, contact CTE at:

1322 Greene Street
Thomas Cooper Library
Level 5, Room L511
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208

Preparing Future Faculty

The Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program at the University of South Carolina is administered through a partnership between the Center for Teaching Excellence and The Graduate School. For graduate students and post-docs who want to teach at the college level, PFF is designed to assist with key aspects of professional development. It provides a mechanism by which participants may receive a credential which reflects initiative and experience toward becoming future faculty.

Goals of the PFF Program

  • Better prepare participants for all aspects of their faculty careers including teaching, research, and service.
  • Provide participants with credentialing for a diverse and competitive academic job market.
  • Develop a positive sustained mentoring relationship with a faculty mentor, providing an in-depth look at a successful faculty career.
  • Provide a mechanism of recognition for initiative and gained experience in the areas of faculty roles and teaching.
  • Provide a context to encourage reflective thinking about teaching and the processes of teaching and learning, and to reflect on their own goals in this context.
  • Improve the teaching skills and enhance the professional development of participants, familiarizing participants with teaching and professional resources.

Dr. Michelle Hardee
PFF Program Manager
Center for Teaching Excellence